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The ability to steer and handle your vehicle is of utmost importance for safety, comfort, and drivability, and the steering system of your car is based on the quality and performance of its suspension.

The suspension system includes a number of components, including the power steering column, ball joints, shock absorbers, coil springs, the stabilizer or sway bar, and other front and back-end suspension components.

Accordingly, when you steer your car, many processes must take place in order for the car to turn and maneuver safely.

Typical suspension repair services include shock and strut repair, power steering repair, front or rear suspension repair, and wheel alignments.

How Do You Know If You Need Suspension Repair?

You need to have your vehicle looked at if your car, truck, or SUV is “pulling” to one side when you drive, if you have difficulty when steering (particularly at low speeds), if you and your passengers feel every bump, dip, or pothole in the road, if you notice one corner of the vehicle sitting lower than others, or if the shock absorbers are oily when you look under the hood.

It is most likely that you will notice suspension issues when you’re driving – things like the car’s front end or nose-diving forward when you brake, when the car leans or rolls from side to side when you turn a corner, or if the car squats or leans backward when you accelerate can all indicate a suspension issue.

How Much Does Suspension Repair Cost?

A suspension repair, front end suspension repair, or power steering repair service can cost between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the make and model of your car and the complexity and labor requirements of the fix.

How Do I Find A Suspension Repair Shop Near Me?     

Finding a suspension shop near you can involve asking friends and family for recommendations, looking at review and social media sites, or simply googling terms like “suspension repair shop” or “suspension repairs” with your location or more narrow terms like “suspension shop near me” or “suspension mechanic near me” and then narrowing down the suspension specialists based on things like price and word of mouth reviews.

A car that can’t be steered safely and properly isn’t drivable, so ensuring that your suspension system is in good shape is an essential aspect of vehicular maintenance.

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